Pregnancy Birth and Beyond

Pregnancy can have a profound and lasting effect on your body, with many women experiencing physical discomfort at differing stages of their pregnancy. However, this discomfort doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying this special time.

Physiotherapy treatment can help you with the following:

  • Pregnancy and Post natal related back and neck pain
  • Pelvic pain (instability)
  • Abdominal muscle separation (DRAM)
  • Carpel tunnel and wrist pain
  • Mastitis (blocked milk ducts)
  • Pregnancy group exercise classes
  • Return to sport and exercise after child birth
  • Pelvic floor assessment and rehabilitation
  • Stress urinary incontinence (leaking urine with exercise, laughing or coughing)


Child Birth Education Classes

A three part program (1. Active Pregnancy 2. Active Birth 3. Active Recovery) that I have designed is to give women timely access and expert advice on a more personal level. Small groups allow time for discussion, practical sessions and question time.


Post natal Assessments and Return to Exercise screening

Six week postnatal assessment preformed by a physiotherapist is different from that given by your G.P or obstetrician.

This assessment will give you a head to toe check, assess your abdominal muscles, core strength and pelvic floor. Assessments are 1 hour  giving enough time to address any specific concerns you have about your recovery and help you design a exercise program to aid in your recovery.


Pilates during pregnancy and post natal period improves core stability to help manage and prevent low back and neck pain. It enhances postural control, body awareness and flexibility; helping to reduce the risk of pain.



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