I am passionate and keen to see women stay fit and active during their pregnancy, and to see them be proactive in their approach to birth and recovery.

This three part program that I have designed is to give women timely access and expert advice on a more personal level. Small groups allow time for discussion, practical sessions and question time.


Session 1: Active Pregnancy (0-25 week’s gestation)
Get the right advice about exercise and training to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy, or get the motivation and guidance you need to get started on a suitable exercise routine. This session will answer your questions about exercise and training throughout pregnancy and address the special areas you need to focus on. For example: abs, pelvic floor and back strength. You will also learn specific strengthening exercises, stretches, and activity modification.

Session 2: Active Birth (26-42 weeks gestation)
Your body is wired for labour and birth and you can help it work optimally. Learn how to tap into your natural resources with positioning, relaxation, massage, breathing and pain relief strategies.

Session 3: Active Recovery (post-natal check-up)
In this session our women’s health physios will do your post-natal checks assessing your posture, stomach muscles and pelvic floor function with the aid of real time ultrasound and tailor and exercises program for you focusing on abs, pelvic floor and back. It’s great to get back into a suitable exercise routine as soon as you can you can also get guidance on returning to exercise, training and sports.


Here is a little taste of what you will get: video link

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